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About Fiera Capital

Why Choose Fiera Capital?

Because we are different.

We are:

  • The third largest publicly-traded Canadian asset manager
  • The third largest independent Canadian asset manager;
  • And the sixth largest asset manager, all categories combined.

We manage more than 122 billion dollars in assets.

We have a large team of more than 600 employees working in our Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax as well as New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dayton, in the United States.

Because our employment conditions make us stand out.

With our generous retirement plan, employee benefits, health spending account and annual fitness centre memberships, we offer a great employee benefits package. In addition, we offer generous bonuses and a 100% paid tuition plan, including paid days off to study, both for university courses and programs leading to a professional distinction such as CFA, CPA, FRM, etc. Conditions may apply according to company policy.

Because employees enjoy working for Fiera Capital.

The responsibilities and challenges associated with a role are crucial factors to consider before choosing employment. But so is the employer. What type of workplace environment is this employer offering you? What are this employer's values? Is Fiera Capital the kind of employer you are looking for?

What better way to find out than by letting our employees speak for themselves? Here are the three aspects about us that are the most valued by our employees.1

  • “The autonomy and responsibilities that my position entails”
  • “The challenges associated with my position”
  • “My relationships with my colleagues”

What’s more:

  • We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in our employees
  • We promote personal initiative and we listen to everyone's ideas
  • There is a wealth of accessible information
  • We have adopted a flattened organizational structure, which gives us agility and flexibility and promotes prompt and efficient decision-making

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1 Source: Organizational Health Survey 2012

It's in our DNA

Because our employees have many qualities in common that are part of Fiera Capital's DNA.

Our teams work like microbusinesses and demonstrate initiative
and audacity.
Our teams are autonomous and are accountable for the decisions
they take.
We make hundreds of calls on businesses each year; we do our own research and form our own opinions; we design sophisticated risk management systems and we offer almost thirty investment strategies, including non-traditional strategies.
Our teams thrive on non-traditional strategies and solid financial arrangements tailored to the needs of our clients. It's no surprise that Fiera Capital stands apart.
An essential quality for our research work, leading to the best possible investment decisions.
Our teams derive real enjoyment from their work. Company life is very vibrant and includes economic modelling competitions, providing financing to support people in need, ice cream days, cocktail parties to celebrate significant events and many more activities.

Seventy-eight percent of our employees would recommend Fiera Capital to a friend because of its:

  • Company values and entrepreneurial spirit; and
  • The dynamic and positive working environment.

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