Your Life at Fiera

Fiera Capital is a recognized global asset management firm that is continuously evolving, led by the ingenuity and ambition of our people – our true point of differentiation.

We strive to be at the forefront of investment management science, and our culture of performance, collaboration and entrepreneurship will allow you ample opportunities to contribute to our growth and maximize your potential.

At Fiera Capital, our people are our true point of differentiation.

People talking
At Fiera Capital, our people are
our true point of differentiation.

Together, we propel our growth forward

To help our workforce meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and develop the right skills to succeed, we offer various learning and development opportunities and make sure our people have the tools they need to grow personally and professionally. While contributing to our firm’s success, these opportunities are also a key driver of employee engagement.

Who We Are

Fiera Capital is an established asset management firm with a growing global presence and an efficient allocator of capital that harnesses the latest investment science to create innovative investment solutions and to foster sustainable prosperity for all our stakeholders.

What Being an Efficient Allocator of Capital Means for Us

  • To build optimized investment portfolios to deliver on client outcomes
  • To offer innovative investment strategies that have a purpose
  • To contribute to socially responsible outcomes
  • To deliver value for our shareholders
  • To harness the intellectual capital of our diverse and inclusive team

Our Work Environment:
A Hybrid Approach

We’ve adopted a hybrid approach where our employees come together with colleagues to work from the office at least three days a week.

For the remaining two days, we support the work-life balance of our employees by providing flexibility – you can choose where you work from based on the purpose of your day and where you’ll be most productive using our three guiding principles:

  • Keeping our clients at the center of our decisions
  • Fostering work-life balance
  • Protecting our culture

We Focus on Our People

At Fiera Capital, we invest in creating a culture of purpose that makes our people feel valued, cared for, seen, and heard.

We identified and focus on the following four dimensions of employee experience, allowing for an approach tailored to your needs and ambitions:

  • Your Inclusive Experience
  • Your Growth & Empowerment
  • Your Rewards & Recognition
  • Your Wellness Your Way

Our Values

Our culture reflects our core values, which guide everything we do and how our team shows up every day
  • Icon for Integrity
  • Icon for Innovation
  • Icon for Collaboration
  • Icon for Ambition
  • Icon for Excellence

Life at Fiera

We offer a welcoming environment that encourages our people to flourish, and we offer benefits and programs tailored to your needs and what is important to you.
Icon for Your Inclusive Experience

Your Inclusive Experience

  • Hybrid program, 3 days in the office per week
  • Competitive and inclusive parental leave
  • All the IT Equipment you need to set up your home office comfortably
  • State of the art offices that include the latest technology, social committees and complimentary healthy snacks
  • Opportunity to collaborate with a global team
  • Inclusive, safe and trusting work environment
  • Education sessions on allyship and respect at work
  • Multiple events annually to celebrate and recognize our diversity
Icon for Your Growth & Empowerment

Your Growth & Empowerment

  • Annual individual training amount ($3000) to support your professional goals
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Personal development plans and coaching
  • Coverage for 2 professional dues annually
  • Ignite your Mind and Masterclass series bring world-renowned experts to our employees and managers
  • Communication channels to keep you empowered with the information you need to thrive (Summit, HUB, Teams, Fiera 360)
  • Access to e-learning platform
  • 100-day global onboarding program for new employees
Icon for Your Rewards and Recognition

Your Rewards & Recognition

  • Competitive base salary
  • Bonus eligibility to all employees / commission that rewards your contributions and performance
  • Pension plan
  • Equitable pay programs
  • Fiera Milestone Anniversary Program
Icon for Your Wellness Your Way

Your Wellness
Your Way

  • Group insurance medical, dental, psychological coverage
  • Health Spending Account
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Cultural norms: we protect our colleagues time to recharge including lunch and vacations
  • Competitive vacation, statutory and floater days
  • Summer Friday’s program
  • Employee Wellness Account
  • Telemedicine
  • Mental Health Training Session
  • Atomic Wellness Habits Program
  • Healthy Sleep Program
Photo: DE&I

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

We are committed to cultivating an inclusive, safe, and trusting work environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and brings their most authentic selves to work. As we continue to grow, we aspire to achieve a level of diversity that reflects the communities and organizations we serve and support around the globe.

By joining Fiera Capital, you will be part of a firm that values different perspectives and experiences as they fuel our ability to generate innovative solutions. We are committed to our DE&I roadmap and are proud to track our progress with a detailed plan that encompasses support, educational initiatives and inclusion targets to be met by 2026.

Do you want to learn more about our career opportunities?

Our Global Internship Program

Our internship program is global and includes employment opportunities in several business units providing exposure to all groups at Fiera Capital.

Students benefit from a structured program and a phenomenal learning experience. By joining the firm, you will be surrounded by industry experts, who are eager to share their knowledge.

We make it a priority to invest in the future and to hire the best talent.

See what people have to say about their experience at Fiera Capital

Photo: Priya Sirwani

Priya Sirwani

Global CISO and Head of
Global IT Infrastructure
My time at Fiera Capital has been one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences in my professional journey. As a fairly young firm in the asset management space with an ambitious vision and a global footprint, I believe Fiera provides a perfect blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative corporate culture. The fast paced and constantly evolving environment complemented with innovative and agile practices enable excellent opportunities to grow and make a meaningful impact every day. I especially love the opportunity of working with some of the brightest, friendliest and dedicated people who care and are committed to Fiera’s culture and growth.
Priya Sirwani Global CISO and Head of Global IT Infrastructure
Photo: Simon Steele

Simon Steele

Portfolio Manager and Head
of the Fiera Atlas
Global Companies Team
Having been acquired by Fiera Capital in March of 2021, I spent a lot of time in deal due diligence, a process that gave me significant exposure to management across the organization and in most aspects of the business – in Legal, HR, Investment, Finance, and Operations. I got a sense of a culture that was welcoming, warm, respectful, and friendly, but ambitious, entrepreneurial, and hard-working in equal measure. Since joining the firm, I am pleased to say that my initial intuition around the culture couldn’t have been more accurate!
Simon Steele Portfolio Manager and Head of
the Fiera Atlas Global Companies Team
Photo: Laura Polo

Laura Polo

Business Development Associate
Institutional Markets |
CFA Level I Candidate
Internships are such valuable experiences, and Fiera Capital's internship program is no exception. Being an intern in the Performance Team for over a year allowed me to get real life exposure into the financial industry and put me on a path to get the career I wanted. I didn't have to think twice about continuing my professional journey at Fiera Capital.
Laura Polo Business Development Associate,
Institutional Markets | CFA Level I Candidate
Photo: Vincent Beaulieu

Vincent Beaulieu

Head of Sustainable
Fiera Capital is an exciting place to work because the culture combines teamwork with growth. The story of Fiera Capital’s growth is made possible by an exceptional team of individuals who are not only super smart but also super friendly. The environment is collaborative, and that’s what drives the growth and success of the company. As a strong personal believer in diversity and collaboration, I’m proud to be a part of the Fiera culture.
Vincent Beaulieu Head of Sustainable Investments

The Fiera Capital Experience

Icon for dynamic global team

Be part of our dynamic global team

Bring your unique ideas and different opinions; we value them! As a growing company, you will also be exposed to new experiences that will fuel your growth.
Icon for your mark

Make your mark

Join a unique entrepreneurial environment where you can make your mark and play a meaningful role in our growth.
Icon for reach potential

Reach higher and realize your full potential

Join a team of passionate, highly-motivated professionals who pride themselves on developing innovative investment solutions that set our firm apart.


Billion in AUM1
Private Market
  1. In Canadian dollars. As at March 31, 2024.
  2. Source: Fiera Capital analysis, as at September 30, 2022
  3. Source: Willis Towers Watson Thinking Ahead Instititute“The World’s 500 Largest Asset Managers” (2022)

Apply online

Apply online

We have opportunities all around the world! Check out the current openings here.

Virtual meeting

Virtual meeting

If your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities are a match for the role, we will schedule a conversation with a member of our Talent Acquisition team to discuss the role in greater detail, to answer your questions, and to see if the role could be a good fit for you.

Interview(s) with the hiring manager

Interview(s) with the hiring manager

At this stage, the hiring manager and/or a hiring committee will schedule an interview with you. The goal of these meetings is for you to get to know more about Fiera Capital and to get to know your manager.



Depending on the role, we might ask candidates to complete the SuccessFinder assessment to better understand your strengths and make sure there is a cultural fit. Depending on the role, other technical assessments might be required. Examples include testing your Microsoft Office skills or completing a case study.

Background checks

Background checks

At this stage of your hiring process, you will be asked to complete a background check through our trusted third-party provider to gain more insights about you and your experience. The background check will include a review of your references, credit and criminal records, education, and certifications.

Decision and offer

Decision and offer

Once a decision is made, you may receive an offer for the role from a member of our Talent Acquisition team. They will share what Life at Fiera will look like and the full details of your offer.

Get started at Fiera:
your onboarding journey

Welcome aboard! You can now experience your First 100 Days through our global onboarding program and enjoy Life at Fiera.

Interview Like a Pro:
Tips for Success

Photo: Tip #1

Tip #1:
Research our company and the role that interests you

Tip #1: Research our company and the role that interests you

Know exactly what position you want to apply for and why you want to work at Fiera Capital. Our website and LinkedIn page are great places to learn more about who we are and what we do.

We encourage you to reflect on the following questions:

  • What are Fiera Capital’s values? Do they align with yours?
  • What are Fiera Capital’s mission and purpose? How do they compare to your own professional goals?
  • What kind of investment solutions does Fiera Capital provide? How is it different from its competitors?
  • What are some recent projects or initiatives that Fiera Capital has developed? (Hint: press releases are a helpful resource for this type of information).
Photo: Tip #2

Tip #2:
Prepare examples for behavioural questions

Tip #2: Prepare examples for behavioural questions

During interviews, we will ask you questions about how you have reacted to different situations throughout your career.

Examples of possible questions include:

  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • How have you handled a situation when you failed to meet a goal?
  • How do you solve complex problems and make difficult decisions?

We recommend that you respond to these questions using concrete examples. The STAR approach is particularly helpful for structuring your answers:

  • Situation: What was the problem and who was involved?
  • Task: What goal were you working towards?
  • Action: What did you do to solve the problem? Be specific!
  • Result: What were the outcomes and how did you make an impact?
Photo: Tip #3

Tip #3:
Help us get to know you

Tip #3: Help us get to know you

At Fiera Capital, we value our employees for who they are, both at work and in their personal lives.

Getting to know you is a key part of the interview process, so be sure to think about some interests, hobbies or experiences that you’d like to share.

Photo: Tip #4

Tip #4:
Ask questions

Tip #4: Ask questions

At the end of your interview, you will have the opportunity to learn more about our organization and the position available.

We recommend that you prepare two or three questions ahead of time – doing so not only shows that you are interested in the role, but it can also provide a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of Fiera Capital using information from your research.

Photo: Tip #5

Tip #5:
Slow down and think before you speak

Tip #5: Slow down and think before you speak

While it is normal to feel nervous during interviews, know that the interviewer wants you to succeed and is meeting with you because they think you could be a great candidate for the role.

When answering questions, take a moment to formulate your response and speak at a slow, natural pace. This will allow you to collect your thoughts and gives the interviewer time to take notes.

Job Opportunities

Fiera Capital subscribes to the principle of employment equity. Our people are our true point of differentiation and our goal is to create an inclusive and equitable environment where everyone can reach their full potential.